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    Laydown Date Terms

    Laydown Date Policy 2012
    In order for customers to receive copies of Restricted Titles before the laydown
    date to facilitate distribution and re-sale to their customers and to ensure fair
    distribution for all booksellers, they must agree to the 2012 Scholastic Inc.
    Laydown Policy and sign the 2012 Scholastic Inc. Laydown Date Contract.

    Laydown Date Contract 2012
    By completing and submitting this form, customers agree to the terms and conditions
    set forth in the 2012 Scholastic Inc. Laydown Date Policy.

    Laydown Date Letter 2012
    A letter to the accounts outlining the requirements in order to receive the 2012
    Laydown Date titles prior to the laydown date.

    Laydown Date Supplement 2012
    A supplement to the 2012 Laydown Date Letter, listing the titles, ISBNs, and SRPs
    with laydown dates.

News & Information
The final phase of the migration of customer service to Scholastic's Jefferson City office is nearly complete. Returns processing is the last piece to fall into place.

Therefore, please note that all credits for returns processed from June 1st, 2012 onwards will be generated by Scholastic (no longer by HarperCollins), and applied to your Scholastic Account from that date.

Please also note that all stripped cover returns should be sent to Scholastic from May 31st onwards at the following address:

Scholastic Book Returns
3030 Robinson Road
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Any questions, please call Scholastic Customer Service at (888) 724-1872
T: 1-888-724-1872
F: 1-877-724-1872
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